About JTB Bank

About Us


Established in 1963,  JTB Bank is a Leading Commercial Bank in SMEs, that operates in 25 branches spread all over the Lebanese territory.  JTB Bank continues to invest first and foremost in its clients, by tailoring products and offering financial services that fit their needs including Commercial, Corporate and Retail Banking, as well as Micro-finance and SME lending.

 JTB Bank has been building a reputation and reinforcing its position as market leader in SMEs, which constitute the largest segment of the Lebanese economy and population. Notably, JTB was the first bank in Lebanon to collaborate with an organization specialized in supporting small and micro businesses with more than $96 million in loan grants to almost 60,000 borrowers.  

For over 50 years, The Bank never lost sight of its two pillars of success: local, small and medium sized entrepreneurs as well as Lebanese expatriates breaking new grounds in faraway places. Those two segments representing wealth levels at both ends of the economic spectrum are a reflection of the bank’s strong belief in the Lebanese individual, as they lie at the roots of JTB’s portfolio diversification and risk management models.

With three representative offices in Nigeria, the Ivory Coast and the United Kingdom, the Lebanese Diaspora is also at the heart of the Bank’s interest. JTB’s foreign operation has had an impact on the Bank’s performance, as a comfortable portion of the growth in the loan portfolio is attributed to the ‘Foreign Sector’. The Bank offers exceptional and tailor-made products and services to fit the needs of Lebanese expatriates.