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Current Accounts

Common Features

  • Amount can be deposited and withdrawn at any time without giving prior notice.
  • No restrictions on withdrawals
  • Available in LBP and USD
  • Domiciliation of phone and utility bills.
  • Quarterly fee: LBP 5,000

Checkbook Features (Additional)

  • Suitable for making payments to creditors by using checks
  • The bank collects money on behalf of its customers and credits the same amount to their accounts
  • Ability to obtain overdraft facilities
  • Minimum amount for opening the account is LBP 7,500, 000 or (USD 5,000)
  • Quarterly fee: LBP 5,000
  • Monthly fee: 7,500 + LBP 500 for every transaction (above 10 transactions)

Salary domiciliation features (Additional)

  • Your salary can be automatically deposited into the domiciliation account
  • No minimum balance is required
  • Easy approval on loans
  • Complimentary electron debit card (24-hour access )
  • SMS alert option on your mobile
  • All the above for a monthly fee of LBP 3,000

Current Accounts

For more information kindly contact us on 1558

Deposit and withdraw amounts at any time without giving prior notice