Jammal Trust Bank has grown a legacy of giving by supporting communities and providing assistance to various International and local NGOS throughout the years.

JTB continues to promote the importance of education by supporting over 2,000 outstanding students at Lebanese schools and universities through the scholarships that it grants. JTB also owns the Ali Jammal Social Education Institutions, that consists of several schools in Jwaya that provide educational services to limited income families. These include Jwaya University College of Technology, Jwaya High School and the Technical Vocational School.

As an Effective contributor to the principle of social solidarity, JTB joint efforts with the Land Mines Advisory Group, working under the umbrella of the Lebanese Army and the United Nations, to help fund the disarming of mines and cluster bombs on the Lebanese Territory. JTB also endowed awareness campaigns/programs to allow affected communities to better manage the risks and dangers associated with these mines.

From an environmental perspective, JTB participated in promoting the conservation of nature, its development and biological diversity in Lebanon by taking part in IBDAA, the International Biodiversity Day at AUB. At IBDAA’s annual event, JTB gathered with professors, experts and eager learners to discuss creative methods and come up with sustainable solutions to our environmental challenges. In addition to sorting waste at the source in all working premises, JTB has introduced green loans and added an environment-related parameter to the assessment of commercial and industrial loans.

Following its slogan “We speak your language,” the Bank has decided to “speak the language” of those who are unbanked, which constitute almost half of the Lebanese population, by creating a product, “Save and Win”, geared towards financial inclusion. Those that are unbanked are commonly known as those who don’t have bank accounts nor use banking services and have rarely or have never been to a Bank. The most commonly cited reason for not having an account for them was that accounts are too expensive and they bear high commissions and fees. As part of the Bank’s social responsibility initiative, “Save and Win” was designed to motivate individuals to continuously save for a rainy day and give them a chance to win numerous prizes through a monthly draw as they increase their savings.

JTB became the only bank in Lebanon to promote a prize-linked saving account with no fees, no commissions and no minimum deposit amount.

JTB has also launched a financial literacy program, that involves teaching young students more about the banking sector, ensuring their future's financial acumen.